Pokimane and American Video Game League launch $100,000 scholarship

Collegiate production company the American Video Game League (AVGL) has partnered with content creator Imane 鈥楶okimane鈥 Anys to launch a $100,000 (~拢74,768) scholarship for students involved in gaming and esports.聽

The partnership will see both parties donate $50,000 (~拢37,389), with the amount divided among 10 winners who will receive $10,000 (~拢7,477) each in scholarship money.聽聽

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Pictured: Imane 鈥楶okimane鈥 Anys

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Moreover, AVGL will donate an additional $50,000 for the winners of the scholarship, which is meant to help students pay their college tuition.聽

Anys spoke on the announcement: 鈥淲ith both of my parents being teachers, I鈥檓 especially proud to be launching another scholarship to help students with a gaming passion.聽

鈥淚 know firsthand that it鈥檚 not easy to balance schoolwork and a gaming career. I hope that this scholarship will alleviate that stress for aspiring gaming content creators and players.鈥澛

Applications for the scholarship are open until December 31st. Winners will be revealed in early February 2022.聽聽

According to the release, this marks the third scholarship Anys has created. Last year, she donated $50,000 to UCI Esports to fund an annual scholarship for students involved in gaming and esports. Furthermore, she鈥檚 supposedly funding scholarships for STEM students through the STEM Advantage Program.聽

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Anys also recently co-founded talent management and brand consulting company RTS, where she serves as its Chief Creative Officer. RTS鈥檚 goal is to 鈥榝ix what is broken鈥 when it comes to talent management and brand partnerships in the gaming and esports industry.

IM电竞-Inplay Matrix says: It鈥檚 great to see big streamers such as Pokimane give back to their community and contribute to the growth of the industry while also helping aspiring talent.聽

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